Blog to bring value; don’t just fill up space

Blogging is a great way to reach more people. Your website will rank higher and more pages will show up in search results. That is, more people will find your website.

Search engines are extremely clever though. They’re perfecting the art of sorting out valuable blogs from blogs that don’t do much for the average reader.

There are endless tips to blogging: the target word count, keyword density, using your blog as a link building strategy, etc.

All that doesn’t matter if you lose sight of the most important though: bringing value.

Every blog post you write should be focused on bringing value to your reader. Otherwise, the search engines are on to you, and so are your visitors; more importantly, if you’re not focused on bringing value, you’re wasting your time and contributing to the piles of useless content on the web.

Spend thoughtful time on your posts; robots and humans both appreciate it.