Link Building

Links to your website from other websites are like votes for your website.  The more you have (in general), the higher Google will rank your website.  And the higher you rank, the more potential your website has at drawing in clients.

For this reason, coming up with a link building strategy is key to building relevant traffic to your website. READ MORE

Duplicate Content

Google values fresh, original, content.  Potential clients value original content because it gives them a glimpse of who you are and what you really do.

I come across a lot of sites, especially “FAQ” or “Common Questions” sections, that are identical to other websites.  Either they copied and pasted from another website or it’s part of their their website hosting package. READ MORE

Keyword Research for MFTs and Psychotherapists

Keyword research is about finding out what people are searching for.  Like I’ve said before, building a website is like building a business in the middle of the desert.  No matter how flashy and informative you make it, no one will find you.  Keyword research increases your chances of being found by tailoring your site around what people want (i.e., what they are typing into Google). READ MORE