Duplicate Content

Google values fresh, original, content.  Potential clients value original content because it gives them a glimpse of who you are and what you really do.

I come across a lot of sites, especially “FAQ” or “Common Questions” sections, that are identical to other websites.  Either they copied and pasted from another website or it’s part of their their website hosting package.

Though it’s convenient it can come with some negative consequences:

Google has complex algorithms that calculate the importance of your website.  And they will rank your site accordingly.

Duplicate content is part of this algorithm.  And when Google’s army of robots find it that site goes down on Google’s trust list.  In short, you’re listing in Google starts to rank poorly.

Clients, don’t have robots working for them, but they do have intuition.  They can feel the inconsistencies on your website.  Even if the layout and design of the website is there, the inconsistency in the content makes YOU not come through.  That’s what clients are really looking for.  Who are you?  What do you value?  Can you understand their problem?

These are two great reasons why all of the content on your website should be your original work.  Even if it’s something as mundane as your “FAQ” or “Contact” page, every word counts.  Google and potential clients can feel it.