When it comes to your website copy, less is more

According to Nielson Norman Group, the average visitor to a website spends less than a minute on it. For the average reader, that’s about 11 sentences.

That’s right, most visitors to your website will read only about 11 sentences of your website copy.

It’s also a fact there is an inverse relationship between the amount you write and the amount a visitor reads. The more you write, the smaller the percentage of your copy your visitor will read.

More importantly, the more you write, the higher the chance your reader is going to miss what you really have to offer them (i.e., a missed connection). 

The most important part of our websites is the words we put on them; in many cases, they are our first, and only shot at making a connection with potential clients. Just as we are trained to be thoughtful, concise, and intentional during session with our clients, we should do the same online.

Then why do so many of our websites look like resumes? Or a wordy run on about how we work and our education? In short, our websites are typically cluttered and a bit self-absorbed; going on and on about our credentials.

Think of your website more like an initial phone call. Will you make the focus about you and the acronyms after your name? Or is it going to about the caller; summarizing and reflecting back their issue? That is, demonstrating that you are connected and understand them? I hope it’s the latter.

If your website’s focus is on explaining how you plan on connecting with your visitor, you’ve just missed an opportunity at actually creating a connection. 

When it comes to your website, you’ve got less than a minute to connect with your visitor. Don’t waste it.

It’s time to edit your website copy; you need far less of it than you probably think. Less is more.