“With very little input from me other than giving him some basic content and an idea of the overall look and feel I was hoping for, Brian took it from there: domain acquisition, hosting, site design, SEO and web maintenance. At the word go he had my site up and running in just a few days. His first round of prototypes, he nailed it. I appreciated that he included me every step of the way, giving me access to the in-progress site. His SEO skills have been quite evident; I am always at the top of the page on searches and I am reaching my target audience. Since the launch of my site, Brian continues to be extremely responsive to any requested updates. Brian is uniquely qualified in that he has both the expertise in web services AND the knowledge and experience of being a therapist; in my experience, he has the ability to understand what you need. He is also quite knowledgeable about online marketing and it is such a comfort to know that with just a quick email/text/phone call I can get the information and assistance to move my practice forward.”

Lynne Clyde, M.S., LMFT


“Brian was very professional throughout the development of my website. He offered ideas, help and support in terms of privacy, encryption and following HIPAA guidelines. He was always polite and gave his suggestions when I asked for his thoughts about the design. He allowed me to lead and he let me know what was possible. I highly recommend his services and am grateful that he will be providing safety for my website.”

Gwen J Sanders, Ph.D., LMFT, ATR-BC


“I would highly recommend Brian for any website needs.  He is reliable, fast, and easy to work with.  Dealing with website issues in the past and with other web specialists has been frustrating but Brian has made it simple, effective, and a joy.  I am now free to do what I love to do as a psychologist instead of dealing with website problems and upkeep.”

Dr. Christine Duong-Perez, Ph.D. | The Vine Counseling